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 OEM Optimized Solutions

Applied Control Concepts has over 15 years of experience designing, developing and implementing custom OEM system solutions. Whether there are size restrictions, special performance requirements or customer added products, we've seen it all. Let us help you design your custom solution to create a branding strategy unique to your competitors.

 901D Military Products

All of Applied Control Concept's rugged servers and workstations are the culmination of our design engineering, manufacturing, and lifecycle support. Applied Control Concept's military and industrial servers and workstations are ideally designed for reliable operation in harsh environments.

 Industrial Servers

Rack optimized servers are perfect for the demanding network environment and intensive enterprise server applications. Whether you require a simple web server or database application server, these systems provide heightened scalability.


Applied Control Concepts isn't just limited to off the shelf technologies or 19" rack mounted solutions. We have developed industrial systems that provide substantial asset management control over dispensable and hand held computers to keep track of their daily distribution. Typical ROI in this type of application is less than one year.